CrossFit to Move into Sports Arena Square

Troy Athletics, LLC signed a 36-month office lease in the city-owned Sports Arena Square for a total value of $168,393.72.

Dan McCarthy and Kyle Clark, senior directors at The Heritage Group, represented both the lessee and lessor on the deal that is scheduled to commence on April 1, of this year.

The 3,999-square foot space is located at 3350 Sports Arena Blvd, Suite H-3, San Diego 92110. Troy Athletics, LLC will be opening Troy CrossFit.

Located just east of the Valley View Casino Sports Arena, the city is utilizing the space at Sports Arena Square to bring unique businesses to the area. The square is currently home to SOMA music hall, The Arena Mixed Marital Arts, and Rock and Roll San Diego.

“Troy brings a team of experienced athletic trainers to Sports Arena Square,” said McCarthy. “CrossFit is a trending fitness concept throughout the county, and Troy CrossFit will complement the visitors already going to the center for other fitness needs.”


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